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This book will help you understand the difference between an alcoholic, a problem drinker or a social drinker. Dr. Herrick examines the roles of children living in an alcoholic or dysfunctional home, and helps us understand how these childhood roles create dysfunction in adulthood and reveals the stages of recovery necessary to heal. You will learn if you are the Family Hero, the Family Scapegoat, the Family Clown, or the quiet shy introverted person that she describes. Dr. Herrick shows in a lively and entertaining way how the drama of handling unconscious issues will inevitably lead to your finding your true purpose in life. Read More

Grandma What Is A Soul?

Where Do They Go? Are They OK? This book is for children and adult children who want to understand about death and what it is like on the “other side.” Dr. Herrick presents this information in a way that is both touching and helpful. This book explains that your soul is your real self, a part of you that will never end and can continue to assist you throughout your entire life, and on through eternity. Read More

The Psychology of the Soul & the Paranormal

Dr. Herrick describes honestly her personal struggles, and how she transcended them, partly through paranormal means, from a clairvoyant/spiritual perspective. The Vagus Nerve is the tenth and longest nerve in your body and is illustrated with several varieties of psychic perceptions. She explains how this nerve helps intuition to aid us and why we get such terrific ideas in the shower! Breathing through the Vagus Nerve is shown to lessen anxiety and panic attacks. You can use all this information to integrate your personality with your soul and change your life for the better! Read More

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